Temporarily Not Offering the Digital Painting Option


I hope the internet finds you well.

This memo is to inform you that I am taking a break from the "Digital Painting" option. This option is more expensive because it means that I digitally paint the pet's face on to the clothes you choose in the same way that I paint the clothes in the first place.

The important thing to remember is that some of the images on this site show a digitally painted cat or dog face. This is because I have not yet updated that image. Rest assured that I am working tirelessly to update those images with representative samples of what you'd actually be receiving if you ordered my product(s).

I appreciate your understanding in this crucial matter. While the decision to eliminate this option did not come easy, I do believe it is the right direction for the company that is so vital not only to American life, but to me as a consumer of lattes, which the success of Coat & Tails has afforded me daily, no more and no less. 


Bryce Dishongh
Owner, Coat & Tails