How it Works

  1. Choose your clothes.
  2. Choose your size.
  3. Check out. 
  4. You'll receive an email with a link to upload your photo.
  5. I digitally paint or photo-edit your pet's face onto the clothes you chose.
  6. You review, I make any changes, and you ultimately approve.
  7. I mail you your portrait.



I offer returns on custom portraits only if I haven't started drawing it yet. For instance, if you place your order, realize that my work is crap and you deeply regret your decision, then just send me an email expressing your sudden distaste for my work, and I'll send you a refund (given that I've been laying around eating chips in my underwear, and not working on your order, which is likely).

Also, if you approve of the digital version but you don't like how the print came out (for instance, I overlooked a botched printing job), then you should send me a photo of what you think is botched, I'll send you a new print.

Multiple Pets in One Portrait

I used to offer this, but it really doesn't really work for the following reasons:

  1. Some portraits are in color and others are not.
  2. Lighting is different for different portraits, and your photos probably also have different lighting. This creates lighting chaos and I'm a PRO, so I cannot allow this.
  3. The styles can be different. Like, it would be weird to have a Victorian outfit with a Rolling Stones outfit. People used to order shit like that, and it was very difficult to make that look ok. 
I would recommend ordering two or more smaller ones and hanging them side-by-side.

    But I'm pretty reasonable. Sometimes it works really well. If you're dead set on it and this will make your life complete for a little while, just email me at and we can work something out. 


    Sizes 4" x 6" and 8" x 10" are printed on photo paper, and anything larger is printed on textured watercolor paper. All prints are made on acid-free paper with archival inks, so they won't fade over time.