I absolutely could not be more satisfied by the artwork created by Coat and Tails. I commissioned Bryce to create a Harry Potter themed work of art based around my girlfriends cat, Hermione. The end result absolutely blew me and her away! The challenge was welcomed with open arms, and he worked his magic on the piece. (Yeah, I went there with the pun!).

Bryce was super friendly to work with and keeps the customer informed/involved in each step of the process, and encourages plenty of feedback from the customer along the way. It's completely obvious that he has a passion for what he does based on the quality of work that is created, I cannot recommend his service enough. I happily will be coming back for additional pieces of art down the road. Thanks Bryce!

Alex E.

I have had two portraits done by Coat and Tails - both of which turned out amazing. The process was easy and professional, from start to finish. The website makes it very easy and fun to get things started… and Bryce was extremely prompt in contacting me once I made a website submission for both projects.

I really appreciated the open communication once Bryce started the portrait — asking if he was heading in the right direction and being totally open to feedback if I wanted to shift the direction a bit. The communication continued until I was completely satisfied with both pieces. Both of the pieces I had done were gifts, and the recipients were blown away.

The combination of quality customer relations and stellar artistic ability make for an awesome overall experience!

Rebecca B.

I'm very proud of him!!!

My Mom

There are lots of options for pet portraiture out there, but Bryce's work stands out for having a truly unique voice. His love of animals and sense of humor comes through in all the work on the site, and I was excited to see what he could come up with for our dogs.

I commissioned him for twin portraits of our two dogs, a Great Dane and a Beagle/Jack mix, for my husband's birthday, and it was honestly the best birthday present I've ever given to anybody. My husband loves the pictures, and so do I! The portraits are executed so skillfully, and they go beyond just copying the photos I sent - they capture the quirky personalities of our dogs.

Bryce is very easy to work with, and he was very responsive to any requests I had. He showed me updates and asked for input throughout the process.

The pet portraits were so wonderful, I went back to Coat and Tails again for a portrait of a good friend's dog as a Christmas present. The friend is a big music lover, and so we wanted the picture to look like an album cover. It's a little out of the norm for Coat and Tails, but Bryce was enthusiastic and did a wonderful job once again.

I'll keep coming back to him whenever we have a new pup in the family!

Liz L.

I contacted Coat and Tails for a portrait of my dad's dogs for Father's Day and it turned out awesome! First of all, I was late in getting something for my dad and contacted Bryce just a few days before Father's Day. He was very quick and accommodating in trying to get the portrait to me in time. He contacted me the very next day after I purchased it and sent me several edits and proofs until it was exactly what I wanted. My dad absolutely LOVED the gift and Bryce did the perfect job of capturing each dog's personality. I highly recommend!

Nikki T.

I couldn't be happier with my portraits from Coat and Tails! I have ordered three portraits so far as gifts, and I will definitely be ordering more for all of the furry members of my (and extended) family. Bryce is extremely talented and it really shows in both the technical and creative aspects of his portraits. I can see every little hair and whisker on the part of the picture that blends seamlessly with the background. His adjustments to certain details in his portrait/outfits (that he draws himself) were spot-on. He has a diverse selection of outfits to choose from and can even do custom outfits. Very quick turnaround time and fantastic quality of work. Great blog on his website too!

Sara V.

This was such a unique gift idea. The process was simple, and the portrait was amazing!

Wammy T.

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