This is How To Place an Order

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1. Get a photo of the pet.

This will be used later. For more information about good (and bad) photos, visit the Coat & Tails Wall of Fame and Shame.

2. Choose a Collection.

Collections are the equivalent of a Fall or Spring line in an online department store. It's just the general theme. They're organized by male and female, but I added "Themes" to accomodate gender-neutral outfits - like pilots and astronauts - but also for pop culture themes like X-Files.

3. Choose Your Accessories

After you choose a Collection, accessories may be displayed. Your choices are saved when you proceed through the steps.

4. Upload Your Photo(s)

Here's where you use that photo you got in the first step.

5. Check Out

Choose a size and send payment information. This part of my site is very ugly but I'm working on it.

This is What Happens After You Place Your Order

1. Thank You Email & Receipt

You'll receive a thank you/receipt/confirmation email from me. This is automatated (don't tell anyone).

2. I Email You a Draft

If you got a photo-edit, then I send the "final" portrait. But of course you can make changes. If you got a drawing, I send a photo-mockup that you can review before I start painting.

3. I Send Another Draft

If you have changes to the intial draft, then I'll send another draft. If you got the drawing option, then I'll send that draft for your approval.

4. You Approve and The Pet Lives on for Eternity

If it's a gift, you become a godlike giver of gifts. If you're commemorating a pet who currently resides at the proverbial "farm," this pet will live on forever. Either way, I'll probably share it on social media. And you should too.

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