Click the "Start Here - Upload a Photograph" button next to the style you want.



Fill out the form, and click "Checkout". You are redirected to my shop.





Choose a size from the drop-down list and proceed through the checkout.


If you want to use an antique frame like the one displayed below, or an otherwise non-traditional frame size that is not displayed in the drop-down list, email me first and I'll bill you based on the dimensions you want.

I have a lot of these old frames on-hand. You can view what I have on-hand here. I update that list regularly.






I will contact you to make sure you know I got your order. If I received everything ok, I will begin to work on the sketch.



Hopefully you approve. If not, it’s totally cool, I’ll revise. If you do approve, then will start drawing.



As I draw, I send you photos of the work in progress, if you want. I finish, and I send you a photograph.



I send you the artwork. I add your portrait to my online portfolio. If you want, you post pictures of the work on your social media sites and link back to mine. We high-five and become BFFs.