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The Southern Belle #1

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The Southern Belle #1

The Southern Belle is an outgoing socialite whose charm and drawl are widely considered "totes adorbz." She can either have privileged or humbled beginnings - her dominant characteristics are her social charms and kind heart. She tends to be happy with whatever everyone else is doing; or, on the contrary, if people are bored or the social situation calls for it, she organizes something that everyone ends up doing. The Southern Belle is more interested in people or other animals more than tasks or games, although she might participate if it is socially expected or if it would be rude otherwise.

A Southern Belle's Wish List

The Southern Belle is in part known for her taste and sophisticated palate. Below are some classy items she might enjoy.

Wine for Pets

For reasons that I'm sure are excellent, there are many wines on the market for pets, and the Southern Belle is a connoisseur. Not only can she discern the aroma of autolyzed yeast extract in each delectable swirl, she is also likely to actively participate in tastings and social clubs.

Doggy Wine

Pet Perfume

For the The Southern Belle, no detail of her physical presence is left unattended. Her aroma is as important as her pantalettes, especially in the event of any number of potential catastrophes, such as the unintended generation of gastrointestinal flatulence.

Pet Perfume

Social Media Devices for Pets

One of the major qualities of The Southern Belle is her sociability. She attends every football game, party, and ball, as well as participates in these analogous digital counterparts: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So it's pretty essential that she contribute meaningful thoughts and commentary on popular culture with other dogs and cats on these channels. Products like Puppy Tweets are here to push these thoughts into the social stratosphere.

Social Media Device for Pets