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The Gentleman

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The Gentleman

Many companies have a flagship product for which they are best known. For Microsoft, it’s Solitare. For McDonald’s, it’s the Big Mac. And for Coat & Tails, it’s The Gentleman.

The Gentleman is a man of class and sophistication, typically known for his social grace and preference for the finer thangs. Although he is commonly known for the respect he shows others, he is often arrogant and entitled at his core; he's agreeable and charming as long as his luxurious lifestyle continues unimpeded, his ego unmarred.

Famous Gentlemen

Spuds MacKenzie

Local craft brewery Bud Light's spokesman Spuds MacKenzie shows the depths of The Gentleman's charm and intoxicating presence: he was so effective that the brewery pulled him from their marketing campaign because he started to overshadow the product. It takes pretty a compelling man to overshadow alcohol.

Watch out, Dos Equis.

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Snoopy is an enigmatic character whose conflicting loyalties instantiate The Gentleman's complexities. I mean, one second he's all buddy-buddy with Charlie, all "bros before hoes" when Peppermint Patty starts talkin' shit. But then Snoopy also makes derogatory comments about Charlie's enormous head. I mean, where do you stand, Snoopy? Although his character is not as black and white as his physical appearance, Snoopy, like a true gentleman, cannot be pinned down. He is a man of mystery, suspense, and intrigue. But above all, he's an icon of highbrow American art, literature, and film, and classic is where the Gentleman reigns supreme.

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