about coat and tails

WTF is Coat and Tails?

Coat and Tails is me, Bryce Dishongh. I live in Austin, Texas with my dog Bess. As you can probably tell, I draw custom pet portraits. You can use this site to choose the clothes and accessories that best suit your pet’s personality. Oh and I also sell tee shirts and other merchandise to help raise money for animal rescue organizations.

Mission and Philosophy and All That Bullshit

Pets often think they’re human. We often treat them like they are. Or, at the very least, we endow them with human characteristics by saying “Oh he’s real shy” or “Yeah she’s the queen” or “Yeah he wears the pants in the family” and that sort of thing. That’s why I try to give you the option to show a pet’s personality through symbols - the clothes. (Although if you told me your pet wears the pants in the family, perhaps getting a pet portrait shouldn't be your biggest priority at this particular moment.)