Coat and Tails is a pet portrait outfit run by me, Bryce Dishongh (pronounced “dish-on”), from my studio in lovely Austin, Texas. I draw custom pet portraits live and dirty and in person, and I also draw finer-art portraits to be framed and hoisted upon the big stately walls of your home, forever commemorating your littler family members.

About the Style

As you can probably tell from the selected work in my portfolio, my drawings have a pretty specific feel: I draw dogs (and other animals) using a vintage, black and white, portraiture / storybook style in which the animals are sporting turn-of-the-century fashions. I draw dogs in human clothing mainly because I love the aesthetic of children’s book illustrations in which animals are clothed, but I also feel that pets are caught in this weird limbo between human and non-human worlds. As a result, we don’t often know how to view them, especially when non-pet people enter our lives and wonder why we sometimes prioritize pets over them. Drawing dogs and other domesticated animals in clothes reflects this weird position and in so doing embraces it. Getting a portrait of a pet wearing formal clothing is also a big and over-the-top sign of how a lot of us feel about our pets: they’re family members that play important roles.

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